20 of The Educator, appeared in late August 1954, a period in our history has just ended, the laborious trial and error with a reduced number ‘members and employees with nonexistent funds, with almost universal hostility of educational specialists and psychology and teacher organizations.

This finding stems the philosophy of Learning Exchanges Networks: “Everyone knows something and everyone can pass on his knowledge. »Author: Claire Heber-Suffrin More Trees of knowledge to new knowledge economy In: The New Educator PEMF For teachers teaching journal Techniques> Evaluation> Knowledge trees in June 1997 In a way, the ADC are a way to talk about the problems faced by men and women and their efforts to try to solve them. And if you had an idea to remember about ADC, it would be this: it is an instrument that tries to facilitate to the maximum the efforts of people to solve the problems they face.

Author: Michel Authier More Acacia Project, to plant in the school knowledge trees and around the school in Le Nouvel Educator PEMF For teachers teaching journal Techniques> Evaluation> Knowledge trees in June 1997 IDEM Pedagogy Freinet, the SCOLA association, Maurepas neighborhood house, the social center of Landrel, schools Tregain (PTA Rennes), Leon Grimault (Hotspot Rennes) and Maxent (rural) developed the project “Acacia” and gave themselves to goals educational success of children and the development of the educational role of parents in the implementation of the system of “knowledge Tree”. Authors: Pascale Bourgeois and Pierrick Descottes More Knowledge and networks; Connect, learn, try the Chabrun By Catherine 19/07/10 – 12:44 In: New Educator Gr news a book teaching techniques> Evaluation> Knowledge Learning Principles trees> Cooperation Teaching Techniques> Claire knowledge exchange and Marc HEBER.

SUFFRIN Editions Ovadia. November 2009. 309 pages. 25 euro Preface by Philippe Meirieu and afterword by Andre Giordan Add Comment Read more We are the CM2 Tregain In: For students> Elementary webpages Science and Techno> Life Sciences and the French Earth> Writing -read Science and Techno> Kitchen Technologies pedagogical techniques> evaluation> knowledge trees Author: CM2 Tregain Read more «first

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1 to 10 from 32 Results Publications By Katina Ieremiadis on 12/08/10 – 9:53 In: research paper Add Comment Read more children’s art is an art of freedom By Katina Ieremiadis 20/10 / 10 – 24:42 In: Arts testimony pedagogical principles> term-creation Add a comment Read more It’s not me Mistress! By Catherine Chabrun the 23/06/10 – 11:12 In: New Educator Gr news a book teaching techniques> Classroom Organization> Life Class Martine Boncourt, stories, In octavo Publishing, 2010, 196 p. 18.

Preface by Philippe Meirieu € order Add comment more Minutes (ACP Cooperative Practices Analysis) – IDEM 44 by Claude Beaunis on 26/01/10 – 24:29 in: Grand West Region> GD 44 – Loire-Atlantique account Meeting History-Geo Science and Techno teaching Techniques> literature Monday, December 21, Anne Frank school PRESENTS: Paul, Dorothy, Karine, Claire, Claude, Christelle, Mary Queen Karine Valerie. APOLOGIES: Isabelle Agnes, Melanie, Mark, Celine, Chloe, Francois Today, Paul C., this practice research Add Comment Read more The learning democracy by Catherine the Chabrun 06/09/10 – 11 43 In: New Educator Gr news a book Herve Cellier, editions Harmattan, Paris, 2010, 143 p..

Reading notes Olivier Francomme Add Comment Read more Section summary “A practice, a tool” By Jacqueline Benais on 08/09/10 – 10:19 In: Arts> Visual Arts Teaching Techniques> Classroom Organization> Life the creation class “a practical tool” Add a comment Read more education and training: the imposture of the dichotomy in: the New Educator PEMF for teachers journal training and research> training training and research> research April 2001 initial and continuing training: Author: Hugues Lenoir more visit space Arts group and the creations Katina Ieremiadis 06/07/10 – 11:58 in: Gr. Arts and creations A guided tour?

Add a comment Read more A circular can hide other in: stance The New Educator PEMF For Teachers Review April 2006 For several months, the land was preparing carefully: to cast doubt in public opinion, scaring parents develop some educational practices … the media coverage of the November 2005 events, reinforcing these fears and doubts, helped to further stigmatize a part of the youth and teachers. Author: Catherine Chabrun More Bibliography By Catherine Chabrun the 20/02/10 – 24:03 In: Gr Gr Editions ICEM New Educator Celestin Writings a bibliography of book and Elise Freinet, presentation of the Freinet pedagogy, history, literature..

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In: The Educator CEL For teachers review> Summary July 1967 Read Full issue in pdf A new stage begins for the School Modern School movement unit Draft charter Modern Pedagogy FREINET Poets Knowledge of child LEARNING CONFERENCES 1967 Bibliography of Modern School mathematics Information the discovery of the century?

Current problems of Soviet pedagogy Patricio Moreno Redondo Releases A new stage begins for the Modern School> Print
In: The Educator CEL For teachers review in July 1967 As mentioned in No. 20 of The Educator, appeared in late August 1954, a period in our history has just ended, the laborious trial and error with a reduced number ‘members and employees with nonexistent funds, with almost universal hostility of educational specialists and psychology and teacher organizations.

If we won, it is certainly that we have put together and other intelligent enough tenacity and that we have overlooked any sacrifice. But if we made these sacrifices, it is probably the cause was worth it, it was by itself enough exciting and compelling to engage definitively, we might say, our personalities; it was one of those ideas, which are progressing and exploding like swell and burst the buds in spring, whatever the inclemency of the environment or the threat of frost.

This movement of the modern school today is a great reality, not only in France but also in the French Union and abroad. It is now unquestionably and whatever misunderstanding, criticism and attacks that still raises an active elements of the continuous improvement of the School and the French pedagogy. This is the face of this new situation, comforting fully, we need to consider and organize the activities of the coming year.

Our techniques are now known and we have everywhere, in all departments, enough experienced comrades that are kept safe principles and inefficiencies which now lay in the range of teaching methods, the original line, experimentally established , Freinet techniques. Our theoretical basis is fixed today. The practice has confirmed. We know what should be done to improve the educational functioning of our school.

We have created and developed the necessary equipment. And, in fact, a number of our comrades are working according to our technical in almost ideal conditions, with free text, printing at school and limographe, diary and correspondence, work plans, files, BT cinema operations for discs rational complex of interest, natural methods of acquisition, conferences, paintings, scientific work, work exchanges and exchanges of students and school cooperative relationships with parents, free theater.

A new school form was born. Modern pedagogy now has its securities that are needed and will be needed more and more to all staff and parents themselves. Our great common task honors the French education today. We have to come every day for new workers we realize the modern school, efficient and humane, which will, one day, comforting and invigorating the best trades. C. The FREINET Educator, September 15, 54 (No.

1) http://www.icem-freinet.fr/archives/educ/66-67/19/1-2.pdf Author Freinet Print
In: Teaching Building East edited by a Departmental Group For teachers review civics June 1981 Print

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